Monday, February 11, 2013

Daddy's Little Girl

I've never been a daddy's girl, but I absolutely LOVE the lipstick from MAC's Archies Girl's collection in "Daddy's Little Girl".  It's a beautiful bright pink.  This lipstick looks ideal with outfits in yellow, bright blue, white, and of course black.  Pair it with a smokey eye or neautral eye.  This lipstick has a huge range of versatility.

I mixed mine with Nightmoth lip liner to give it a more dark sultry vibe.  That lipstick and the blushes have got to be my fav from the collection.

Did you guys stock up on any Archies Girl's items, if so what did you get?


  1. You look gorgeous. This color is very pretty. I don't really wear MAC so I haven't stocked up on any stuff from them. I might try them out again though.

    1. Thank you doll! Best time to try things out at MAC is when they come out with special launches. They have fun stuff! :))