Sunday, June 24, 2018

How I Chose Charlotte Grace For My Daughter

Charlotte Grace.  Ahh that name.  It melts my heart every time.  When my son Manny was born I did a similar blog post on how I decided on his name and the meaning it had to us.  You can read more on that post here Behind The Inspiration Of My Baby Boy's Name.  It was important for my daughters name to have a story and to have meaning.  I wanted to leave her with something that she could be proud of and reflect on long after I'm gone.  I am a little teary eyed as I am typing this because both of  my children's names are so meaningful to my husband and I.

I will say this, picking out a name for my daughter was extremely hard.  I had a name picked out for my son as soon as I found out the gender at 20 weeks.  I decided on a name with Charlotte at 35 weeks but I kept it mum until she was born.  I narrowed down a list of about 5 potential names that I kept going back and forth on.  And finally it hit me one day I was at work. I started to think more and more about the name Charlotte.  I felt like God was showing me how the name Charlotte connected and tied into so many things we loved and cherished. 

The name Charlotte means free and is the feminine form of Charles.  We used to live in Charleston, SC.  We consider Charleston our second home.  Our son was born there so as you can imagine Charleston is a very special place and is so dear to us.  The beauty of Charleston is absolutely remarkable and breathtaking.  It is so picture perfect.  The beaches there are tranquil and relaxing.  And it will forever have my heart.  I love the Carolinas and any chance I get to go on a vacation Charleston is the spot! We call our daughter Charlie for short and it's so perfect.  Her name is so precious to me.

Charlotte is a name that is used in royal families.  I loved that it is such a regal name, classic and beautiful.  Emmanuel is also a royal name and I thought how great it was for both of them to have such strong names that are timeless. 

I had Charlotte's middle name "Grace" picked out first.  I just knew regardless of my daughters name, her middle name would be Grace.  Grace comes from my faith in Jesus Christ.  Grace also comes from God's never ending goodness in my life, even though I have failed Him so many times, God's goodness and grace always come through.  Grace also comes from it's meaning elegance and poise. 

When I started to think about all the meanings and connections that tied in with the name Charlotte Grace it was absolute confirmation that, that was going to be her name.  There was no question about it after that.  I never felt the need to search another name.  Charlotte Grace felt so right and I felt peace about it. 

It can be hard picking out a name for your little one.  And most times it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders but I can guarantee you that it will come to you and you will know when it's the right one because you will have peace about it.

My sweet Charlotte Grace.  Mama loves you.  I can't wait to share with you one day how I chose your beautiful name. 


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About A Milk Bath Maternity Photo Shoot

Cleopatra the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt was known for her beautiful radiant skin and stunning beauty. It is said that she indulged in milk and honey baths.  Milk baths were a luxury only the wealthy could enjoy and such an extravagant thing to do at that time. Today milk bath's have grown wildly popular especially in the photography scene. They range from boudoir, maternity, and even mother and child.

I am so thrilled to share with you my milk bath maternity shoot.  I wanted to share this to other moms that have the same vision as I did and hopefully everything that I share with you, you can find useful in planning your milk bath maternity shoot.

Why I chose to do a milk bath maternity shoot and what was my inspiration?

When I was pregnant with my son I did not take any professional maternity pictures for different reasons.  Looking back I wish I had.  When I got pregnant for the second time I knew I wanted to do so many things differently.  I started thinking of what kind of maternity shoots I wanted to do.  I kept coming across maternity milk bath shoots and instantly I was drawn to it.  I knew that was something I wanted to do.  I liked the idea of it being a "boudoir" like maternity shoot.  I thought to myself, if there is a time in my life I want to embrace my body, it is definitely during pregnancy.  And I wanted my children to have beautiful memories they could pass along.  My inspiration came from various milk bath maternity photos online and on instagram.  From there I came up with this vision to tailor it to my own vibe and style and made it come to life!

Materials used for Milk Bath 

  • Powdered Milk
  • Corn Starch
  • a gallon of water
  • a bucket to mix mixture
When making the milk mixture I poured a gallon of water in a bucket, added about 3-4 packs of powdered milk and about a cup of corn starch.  I stirred this with a  large mixing spoon to make sure no bubbles surfaced.  After that we filled up the bath tub with warm water to desired level and poured mixture slowly making sure we didn't create any bubbles.  Bubbles will completely ruin the desired look.  The corn starch and the powdered milk give the water a very opaque milky look.  If you need more opaqueness you can mix up more powdered milk, corn starch, and water and slowly add it in the tub.

Everything I used on myself

For the Milk Bath I made my own flower crown.  I purchased some artificial roses, ranunculus flowers, and baby's breath at Hobby Lobby.  I originally wanted to buy a flower crown from Etsy.  A lot of them were over priced, or it was going to take a while for them to come in and I did not have a lot of time. But overall I was happy with my decision because mine turned out BEAUTIFUL!

I also bought the lace dress.  This was such a great purchase!  I ordered it through Amazon for $15 in a size Medium.  I wanted to make sure it fit around my belly and I didn't want to have any issues with sizing. Thankfully it turned out to be a great fit and true to size. The cool thing about this dress is I can use it for another occasion like Halloween, or even another photo shoot.  For the price it was totally a steal.  I even included the link so you can get your own! Long Sleeve Lace Dress

Flowers! I totally lucked out on this actually it was God!  I set the date for my milk bath shoot sometime after Valentine's.  My original plan to get the flowers was to buy them  at Trader Joes, Central Market, or Whole Foods.  But as I was baby shopping at target that weekend after Valentines I saw all these beautiful bouquet of flowers reduced to $6.  You're talking about stunning colorful roses, and floral arrangements. I could not help myself and snagged the prettiest pink dozen roses along with another floral bouquet.  These are all the flowers I used for my milk bath however if you want a lot of flowers you will need more than a dozen and perhaps more than one floral bouquet for additional greenery.

I decided to wear my hair down in long lose curls giving a romantic soft look. I added lots of volume by doing a blow out first and then went back and curled with a curling iron.

I wanted my makeup to be soft, romantic, with hues of pink.  I used the Modern Renaissance Pallet from Anastasia Beverly hills to achieve those luscious soft pinks.  My foundation was Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Foundation.  I wanted to make sure my makeup looked impeccable and long lasting for the shoot.

For jewlery  I wore my wedding ring and some beautiful dangling diamond earrings my mother bought me for Christmas.  It was a sentimental touch I had to incorporate into that photo shoot and I'm glad I did.

Undergarments! Oh I went back and forth with this one.  I could not decide if I should do nude or white undergarments or bra or no bra.  I would look through milk bath shoots to compare and see what I liked and finally decided on a nude bra and underwear.  Looking back I might have done white or if I had more time I would have gotten a nude bra that was a lighter shade.  I could have gone braless and chosen to use the nipple covers but I totally felt I needed that extra umph in that area if you know what I mean!  In the end I was pleased with everything.  I'm sharing these tiny details because these are certainly things to consider when you are preparing for your shoot.

It was really hard to find a claw foot bath tub.  I was asking photographers and even searching through Airbnb.  Thankfully my boss's family had a beautiful claw foot bathtub they were willing to let me use just for the photo shoot! I specifically wanted a claw foot bath tub because it was more elegant to me than using mine at home.  It could have been totally doable but I again I had a vision of what I wanted.

I recommend a maternity milk bath shoot for every woman who is expecting.  It is such a beautiful experience to get glammed up  and sit in a bath tub full of milk with gorgeous flowers surrounding you.  I must say it was so relaxing as the photo shoot was taking place.  And lets not mention those gorgeous photos that are completely priceless and will be seen for generations to come.  There are moments I am totally self conscious with my body and of course things I don't like or wish I could change but I'm grateful and thankful for my body, for my health and for the blessing of a miracle to grow inside me.  I would love to hear from you  if you will be planning a maternity milk bath soon.  Leave me a comment on the comment section or follow me on instagram @marilu_segura.  I will make sure to follow back! ;)  Huge thank you to White Orchid Photography who took these stunning images of me and my baby girl!


Monday, October 16, 2017

Wonder Woman Makeup

I kicked off my Halloween inspiration looks with none other than Wonder Woman! An inspiration to all women who have their own super hero inside of them.

This look was pretty easy to create and not just because I am a professional makeup artist.  It may have some challenges for a beginner but over all it can be a very achievable look for you at home.  I must say detail and sharp defined lines will be your biggest wow factor in this look to get that precise comic cartoon finish. 

I want to make sure you WOW them this Halloween! Therefore I created a list of tips and tricks that will certainly help you achieve  your best Halloween makeup look!  If you try these tips and this particular makeup look tag me and hash tag me on instagram @makeupbymarilu! I want to see your looks! 


Wonder Woman Makeup Tips

1.  Make sure to use tapered brushes for the eyes (slim and thin).  For example these are your angled brushes and eye liner brushes for extra detail. Make sure they are not frayed and have bristles going in all directions because that will cause your look to be a little more on the sloppy side. 

2.  Make sure to do your basic face makeup first.  That means foundation, concealer, eye shadow, lips etc.  The cartoon makeup will be the finishing touch.

3.  A makeup wipe or makeup remover is going to be your best friend during this process.  When you make a mistake grab a tapered concealer brush and dip into makeup wipe or Kleenex with makeup remover on it to clean up uneven lines.  For example look at my Wonder Woman tiara .  Lines were not super straight when I free handed it at first but cleaning it over with a makeup wipe and brush allowed me to really get a perfect tiara.  Finally you will need to conceal the areas that the makeup was removed with your foundation.

4.  Make sure you use a MATTE Red liquid lipstick.  Reason being is because when you are ready to put white over your lips for the glare it will be dry and not mix with your white.  If you have a creamier non matte lipstick and it mixes  you will then get a pink mix you don't want.  These are the little details that make a difference! 

5.  Eyeliner Pencils will work great for lines of hallows of cheeks, neck lines and collar bone lines.

6.  For the star on the tiara start off small and build it so then you  can gradually sharpen the look as you get to the desired size of star you want! I used the thinnest tiniest eye brush from MAC for the star look! 

7.  I used the Makeup Forever Flash Pallet but using any makeup line or brand will get you the desired look especially if you follow these tips.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Cool Makeup Look Using Kat Von D

If you follow me on any of my social media you will know I use a lot of Kat Von D products.  I tend to gravitate to a lot of her makeup because the colors are vibrant, long lasting, and over all the quality of the product is good, plus it is set at decent price point. And lets face it she is hella cool! ;)  During the holiday season I decided to try her new Matte Metal Eye Shadow Palette.  OMG in love.  So fun, especially for the makeup junkie/color junkie.  All the eye shadows are silky smooth, glide on with perfection and are rich in color.  

A video of this look may be in the works (long story).  In the mean time I really want to give you all the details of this look.  I am very pleased with Kat Von D's cosmetics.  The only product I had to alter was the Lock it Foundation.  I found it too thick for my skin so I mixed it with another foundation that gave me a little more hydration but yet kept the coverage. 

I hope this look inspires you to try some color and be bold with your makeup.  Have fun with it.  I also hope this helps you decide if these are some products you may want to try in the future.  I can't wait to  bring you more color combinations and more makeup inspiration looks using this fun palette. 

Below I have included all the makeup details! Will you be trying a similar look soon?  Have you ever tried Kat Von D Beauty cosmetics?  If so what do you think?

Till Next time!

Brows:   Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Dark Brown set with  DUO Powder in Dark Brown 

Eyes:  Kat Von D Matte Metal Palette 
  • Ribbon in crease and outer corners
  • Twinkle in inner corner and tear duct '
  • Feather on the inner lid
  • Loreal black gel liner
  • Roxy everlasting liquid lipstick as a double liner over the black
  • Loreal Carbon Voluminous mascara
  • Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eye Liner in Obsidian
  • House Of Lashes in Boudoir 

Lips: Roxy and Luv in inner lip

Foundation:  Medium Warm 53 Lock it foundation mixed with Loreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation in 208

Concealer:  Lock it Concealer Creme in M17

Bronzer:  Cargo in Matte (such a perfect every day bronzer) 

Cheeks:  MAC Saturn Blush (discontinued :( )

Highlight:  Anastasia Beverly Hills in Pure Hollywood

Setting Powder:   Kat Von D Lock It Translucent Setting Powder ( This stuff is amaaazing.  It always gives me an effortless glow setting my highlight/concealer)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Update on Life

Hey guys! I have exciting news.  I'll be moving to Dallas in less than 2 weeks.  I'm excited for new beginnings and all God has in store.  The past couple of years have not been the easiest for my family and I.  Moving is always a pain and as you know as a business owner it is important for me to establish a business and grow a clientele. I'm looking forward to doing that in Dallas and call it HOME!  I'm thrilled to network with other professional makeup artists and photographers in the industry.  If you are in the area and follow my blog and  my work I can't wait to meet you.
Also I've been swamped with life and I'm currently working on getting my Esthetic license so I've been a little MIA on my blogging and social media posts.  I can't wait till I get settled because I am going to bring you the BEST!  Thank you to all of you for your support.  It seriously  means EVERYTHING to me!!!
When I was at church this Sunday I vividly remember one of the pastors speaking a word to the congregation and it ministered to my heart because I felt like God was speaking that straight to me.  He said we might feel like life isn't going anywhere and you maybe stuck in a waiting period and wondering if God's forgotten about you but in that time that is when the most action happens from God.  He is perfecting your plan, He is aligning everything for that right moment for you.  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.

His Promises are YES and AMEN!!!!

I continuously have to remind myself of that!  He is faithful to his promise! I can't wait to update you guys on everything!


Fall Makeup Look Inspiration

Wow time flies! We are already in November!  And I am so excited I finally got to do a makeup look for you guys. I felt really inspired to do a makeup look especially since fall is here!
How did I find the inspiration for this look you maybe wondering?  I shall fill you in. ;)  
It all started with the Nordstrom Nsale.  This top that I'm wearing in the picture is actually from the sale.  I loved the color so I had to purchase it.  Then a couple weeks past and I was in search for a dark lip.  When I used to work for MAC cosmetics I remembered I  always loved how  Viva Glam III lipstick looked on me.  I made a MAC run to get the lipstick and while I was there I picked out the PERFECT lip liner to go with it MAC's Prolong Wear lip liner in Be Spoken For. Ugh it's the best combination ever! A few weeks past and I was ready for a new palette.  I kept seeing the Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills in my news feed so I ended up purchasing it too.

I used Love Letter from the ABH Modern renaissance palette all over my lid and antique bronze on the crease to create a smokey effect. I really like the change it gave my everyday look.  These colors compliment every skin tone! Make sure to try them you won't regret it! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thomas And Friends Cupcakes

If any of you know me and follow me on Snapchat (MariluSegura)  you will know that my 3 year old son is obsessed with Thomas and Friends.  It's the cutest thing ever.  And of course as his loving mamma I feed into his obsession.  It brings me joy to know he wants to collect all the engines.  

My son kept asking me for Thomas and Friends cupcakes for his birthday.  And I could not let him down so I decided to make his very own Thomas and Friends cupcakes for his school birthday party.  I am so glad that I decided to make them myself than have them store bought.  We had the best time making them and he had a blast helping me out.

Most of you know I'm a total artist 100% It's my passion, it's my calling.  I love to create.  It's in me and everything around me is my inspiration.  So making this for me was truly fun and for someone who is not so artistically inclined it can be done and look great.  I must say I am so proud of these cupcakes as any mamma would.  They are my art.  

I really want to share with you guys exactly what I used and the steps I did to make these delicious treats!

First of all I started prepping the cupcake toppers.  I bought primary colored fondant at Michael's black and white as well.  I started my rolling out the fondant  and cutting it with the cookie cutters for Thomas, Percy, and James.  I let them sit overnight to set and dry.  You can add a little bit of white fondant to the blue if you want a more truer color for Thomas since his engine is more of a lighter blue.  

Second I started kneading some of the white fondant and and added a little bit of black food coloring to it to get that gray color.  Then I used a smaller circle cookie cutter shape to make the actual face of the engine.  I started to stick the gray faces to the blue, green, and red circles by painting the back of the engine's face with water ( i used a paint brush) and positioning it right on top of the particular colored circle.

Third I took my black fondant and added the top for it's head.  I made a T shaped top and for the bottom I mainly cut out a regular square.  All of these were made free hand.

Fourth I started placing the EYES!  I used candy eyes from Michaels.  I also drew out each one of their eyebrows with edible black marker also available at Michaels.  Here is where I really paid attention to the shape of the brow of each engine because that's their unique look that distinguishes them apart.

Fifth now I was ready to make the nose, cheeks, and smile.  I used a random tool in my kitchen to do this because I didn't have the proper tool to sculpt the face. I ended up using the end of a meat thermometer.  It was exactly what I needed since the tip was pointy but round at the same time.

The Toppers Are complete so I set those aside and I start baking the cupcakes!  I used non fade cupcake liners in colored balloons.  For the  I use Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix and I top them with store bought chocolate icing.  I actually pipped the frosting to make it look more professional and the real deal.! I simply stuffed the icing in a piping bag and went at it.  It was so easy and looked beautiful! 

I wanted to get fun so I added sprinkles on top to give a more colorful contrast.  And alas the toppers went on top and it was magnificent!  They were so cute and everyone loved them!  The kids in Manny's class loved them and gobbled them up!!!

If your little one is Thomas and Friends obsessed you got to make their day by making these Thomas and Friends cupcakes!  They are a hit and it will be precious memories to last a life time!

I hope you guys like them as much as I do!  Let me know if you try this out!